Registrations for Pracheen kala kendra ,Chandigarh Annual examination 2017. Kalakrishti, Upcoming dance event 2017


“Dancing therapy is not about learning a style of dance but it is about experiencing one’s inner expressions through movements”.

Kalakrishti– a dance therapy academy of life and dance revolves around providing people an opportunity to experience freedom. Students learn to rejuvenate and give creative boost to body through dance. Dance channelizes our energy creatively, hence giving a vent to our emotional upheavels. Here in Kalakrishti we create interest of indian classical dance & music amongst youth and children. They are able to know about the culture, its ethics values and uniqueness under the guidance of our experts. So our instituition is determined for conservation, preservation and dissemination of the culture and heritage. The talent that one possesses should be used in the best possible manner as that grooms individual leading him to be a sparkling star.Glancing at the young kids of Kalakrishti blossoming into the confident dancer gives me great joy and my heart fills with pride as they groove to the mystical tunes without inhibitons. Youngsters are the future hopes of the nation and it is essential that they possess the aesthetic ability to identify and recognize their dancing talent; Dance is the most beautiful of all art forms as it is through the performing arts that one can promote the national culture and heritage, which is the need of hour. Performing arts is a rich legacy that encourages the young minds to expand their horizon and grooms them with a holistic approach making them ready to face the challenges of life.It is my earnest wish and desire that every member of the Kalakrishti a family respects the beauty of indian culture and spread its enence far and wide. KNOW THE DIRECTOR TARUN DUTTA


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